Watchmen NYCC Announcement Continues To Play With Jeremy Irons’ “Mystery Man” Role

by Erik Amaya

It’s not really a secret who Jeremy Irons is playing the upcoming Watchmen television series, but executive producer Damon Lindelof wants it to remain a mystery for those not in the know. His dedication to the premise is so unwavering, that an announcement of Irons’ participation in the upcoming NYCC Watchmen comes complete with a silly nod to the “mystery.”

When word first broke about Irons’ part in the series, most sources were clear to mention he was playing an aged Adrian Veidt — former mystery man and the architect of the plot in the original Watchmen comic book — but Lindelof has always declined to confirm this was the case. Steely-eyed fans have spotted Irons wearing Veidt’s iconic Ozymandias costume in some of the trailers and featurettes released so far, so crediting him here as “Probably Who You Think He Is” illustrates the series may have more of a sense of humor than the rest of its marketing push suggests.
And, honestly, we’d like Watchmen to have a sense of humor. Otherwise, it is going to be a long slog to end of Season 1.
Watchmen debuts October 20th on HBO.

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