Explore A New Era Of X-Men In Dawn Of X TPB

by James Ferguson

Marvel Comics has announced a new collection of the first issues of the new X-Men series spinning out of House of X and Powers of X. The Dawn of X trade paperback includes X-Men #1, Marauders #1, Excalibur #1, New Mutants #1, X-Force #1, and Fallen Angels #1. This sounds like a good way to check out the full line-up in one swoop. Of course, since half of these books haven’t even come out yet, you could just pick up the single issues right now and have the same experience.

This definitely feels geared towards new or casual readers. A hardcore fan would pick up each individual trade paperback (assuming they didn’t get the single issues). This does encourage folks to try out the new X-Men titles that everyone is talking about.
The Dawn of X TPB is scheduled for release in February 2020.

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