Noah Hawley To Sit In Star Trek 4 Director’s Chair

by Erik Amaya

Despite contract disputes which saw Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth walk away from a previously planned fourth Star Trek film, it seems they will return for a new vision of the project spearheaded by Legion creator Noah Hawley.
Deadline reports the writer is in talks to both pen a new screenplay and direct another Star Trek film set in the Kelvin Timeline. And, according to the site, all the principle actors from the previous three films, including Pine and Hemsworth, are expected to return. Back in August, the two actors ended negotiations with the studio despite a seemingly rock solid plan for a story involving Pine’s Captain Kirk traveling back in time to meet his father, George Kirk (Hemsworth). Despite deals being in place, Paramount sought to cut costs by re-negotiating both actors’ fees. S. J. Clarkson was set to direct the film — becoming the first woman to helm a Star Trek feature had it all gone according to plan.
It is unclear if Paramount finally capitulated to the two Chrises or if Hawley’s involvement helped change their positions on a reduced fee. In any event, it is wild to see the studio mounting a fourth film in this timeline as CBS successfully rehabilitated the original Star Trek continuinty with Star Trek: Discovery.
Meanwhile, that Quentin Tarantino Star Trek film is also in development.

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