Review: New Mutants #2 Faces The Horrors Of Deep Space And Dad Bods

by Tony Thornley

If you’ve watched any television drama based around prison life, you’d know jail not a pleasant place to spend time. So what could make it worse? Well, it could be where the New Mutants have found themselves – space jail.

Jonathan Hickman, Rod Reis, Travis Lanham and Tom Muller show just a few of the dangers space offers the New Mutants.

Deep in Shi’ar space, Sunspot and the team have found themselves in way over their heads- they’re in jail, they have an incompetent lawyer, and no one in Shi’ar space will actually take his money. However, the political landscape of the Empire is changing quickly. That could spell trouble for the team, even if they reunite with Cannonball, as the Empire could end up turning them into their personal lackeys!

So much of this issue works. It’s extremely lighthearted, with a fantastic sense of humor throughout. It also bases the action strongly in the character relationships again. There are a handful of times that the humor overwhelms the plot, glossing over interesting points in the plot just to tell an extra joke or two.

However, it really shines in its depiction of Bobby. His overconfidence is a major downfall for him, which causes both levity and drama. It shows that he still has growth to go, which is exactly what he needs. It remains to be seen though whether others will get a similar spotlight as what he did in this issue, which I think is a must for the future.

Reis’ art remains a highlight. He has a quality that feels a lot like classic New Mutants artist Bill Sienkiewicz, but with a less abstract storytelling style. His character work is extremely expressive, and he also is able to depict the humor nearly perfectly.

This is remains the strongest of the Dawn of X series. The New Mutants’ adventure is just getting interesting, hopefully they survive the experience.

New Mutants #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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