Gobelins Animated Shorts of November 2019

by Tito W. James

Concluding the Gobelins animated shorts for this year, here are their releases from November. If you enjoyed these cartoons, be sure to watch the shorts from September and October.

Luncheon On The Grass

A scientists’ skeptical views are challenged when he witnesses a UFO. I love a use of mixed-media. This is one of Gobelin’s most experimental art directions.

Royal Madness

After slaying all the monsters in the land, a warrior king falls into a deep depression. What is a warrior without monster’s to fight? His daughter may have an answer.

Jam Compilation

Gobleins students were tasked with completing an animated short in 3 days. The video above is a compilation.

You can view all the latest Gobelins animated shorts on their YouTube channel.

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