Art For Art’s Sake # 34 – Art Is The Thing, Art Is The Thing, The Thing That Dreams Are Made Of

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – the Comicon weekly glimpse into the art that’s been making my eyes smile a little more this week. These are the things, these are the things, the things that dreams are made of…
And just to keep the theme going (80s band, synths, glorious stuff), here’s a Cliff Robinson Dredd…

You know I am no stranger
I know rules are a bore
But just to keep you from danger
I am the law

And Kevin O’Neill

I presume, by now, you got it?
I Am The Law, Things That Dreams Are Made Of? The Human League, of course…
And on that subject, don’t you love it when a google search brings you something that you had no idea existed, such as this piece by Harry North, MAD veteran, from a 1981 Smash Hits (a UK music mag) that turned the story of the Human League into a cartoon strip.

Powers That Be HC cover – Michael Avon Oeming

Tillie Walden I Love This Part

Robert HackChilling Adventures of Sabrina – con sketch

Tommy Gun Wizard #2 – variant  – Tula Lotay

The FlashMitch Gerads

The Amazing Spider-Man #801 – Marcos-Martin

Superman Smashes the KlanKyle Baker variant

Daniel Branca – those wonderful ducks…

Spider-Man #1 variant – Sara Pichelli

Quicksilver & The Scarlet Witch – Jamal Campbell

Wonder Woman #72 variant – Jenny Frison

Joe Chiodo – cover to Beauty & the Beast – a weird 1985 series where Dazzler and the Beast find a lil bit of love…

Doc Strange & Clea – Matías Bergara

Love that one, love the glorious white space, but most of all I love the look on Clea’s face… that sort of ‘oh hell, here we go again’ look…

And finally, because I picked up some Love & Rockets this week, something I recommend you all do, here’s some of the very best images from the series… and yes, although Gilbert is incredible, I’ve always been a Jaime Hernadez fan… beginning with one of my all-time favourite covers of all time…

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