Read The World’s Weirdest Fairy Tale: Kago Shintaro’s The Princess Of The Never-Ending Castle

by Tito W. James

Kago Shintaro is Japan’s trippiest manga creator, known for his bizarre and often grotesque stories. Shintaro’s previous works have typically been short stories in the Ero Goru genre, but The Princess of the Never-Ending Castle with be his first long-form graphic novel.

This is a story about a world that splits into billions of endless worlds just like the classic science fiction trope “parallel worlds.”

Although stories of parallel worlds have been written in many mediums (novels, movies, manga, etc.) in the past, I consider this story, “the Princess of the Never-ending Castle,” presents a new way to show parallel worlds in which I’ve never seen before.

At the same time, this graphic novel also includes experiments of manga expressions. Please enjoy this work that features new challenges in various parts.

Kago Shintaro

The Princess of the Never-Ending Castle is available now from Hollow Press.

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