Review: A New Rogue Is Born In ‘The Flash’ #88 By Williamson And Porter

by Tony Thornley

Barry Allen has a lot of enemies in his life. However, he may not even be aware of one of the oldest, a Rogue born on the same day the Flash was, and The Flash #88 tells his story for the first time.

Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi Color, and Steve Wands tell the story of Paradox.

On the night lightning struck Barry Allen, another man was struck. Instead of opening up the Speed Force though, the lightning strike opened up his perception of the multiverse and time itself. Soon after, his new powers sweep him into the timestream itself, resulting in the birth of Paradox!

Williamson switches up the script quite a bit here to give Paradox his first full appearance on panel. He quickly establishes him as not just intimidating but determined, fully believing that the Flash is the cause for all the problems in his life. It leverages that into a fascinating new villain for the series.

I’ve sung Porter’s praises in my Flash reviews before. This story only works because of his art. Through the issue, he makes Paradox sympathetic, even as he grows more bitter and frightening. His design for the monstrous villain is great too, removing his humanity throughout until he’s become a hulking brute. It’s continued proof that Porter is one of the best working artists in the DC bullpen, and I’m glad to see he’s onboard for the story to come.

Paradox has made his presence known, and it’s a thrilling debut for what could become a great new villain.

The Flash #88 is available now from DC Comics.

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