Review: A New Kind Of Virus Attacks In ‘Tomorrow #1’

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Oscar Fuentes is a brilliant young cello player with an opportunity to enter the West Side College of Music. All he needs to do is master the Schnittke, and, for that, he needs his twin sister with him. However, she’s sick so he must face this challenge alone. Elsewhere, Trevon Treacy, a cybersecurity expert, has been called in to consult on an organic virus pandemic and he warns his family to get away from anything connected to the internet. The Canterbury Mass Soccer Team is on their tour bus when the driver suddenly dies and the bus goes off a bridge. The surviving team captain tries to contact his dad, who is on a corporate retreat with no technology. His dad, Ford Fielding, is watching his team struggle on this wilderness retreat and the situation gets worse when they find themselves being fired upon by an unknown assailant. All of this is connected by a new strain of virus that will shatter the world of each of these individuals.

Tomorrow #1 cover by Jesús Hervás and James Delvin
Tomorrow #1 cover by Jesús Hervás and James Delvin

Tomorrow #1 is a new story of pandemic coming from Berger Books at Dark Horse. It tells of a deadly virus that is contracted not through organic means; it travels through technology connected to the internet. More strangely, it doesn’t seem to affect young adults, teenagers, or children.
That premise sounds tailor-made to be a very heavy-handed allegory about modern technology and it did have yours truly skeptical at first. It also sounds weirdly reminiscent of the recent DCeased miniseries, though there are no superheroes or zombies in Tomorrow.
That said, Peter Milligan is a skilled professional and the story relies on its cast of characters to keep the reader hooked as opposed to the novelty of its premise. Oscar is a compelling lead, Trevon Treacy is a very sympathetic character, and Ford Fielding is a unique, if somewhat sadistic, corporate bigwig.
Jesús Hervás, fresh off the Empty Man series, provides the visuals for this book and delivers one hell of a treatment. The characters are emotive and dramatic. The detailing is top-notch and he does a good job with the texturing as well. Color artist James Delvin ensures that the visuals are both lively and fittingly atmospheric for the narrative.
Tomorrow #1 is a new pandemic title with a decent hook and a solid cast of characters. Oscar, Trevon, Ford, and the others are compelling figures with vibrant personalities. They are rendered by a talented artistic team in Jesús Hervás and James Delvin, and the overall book earns a recommendation. Feel free to check it out.
Tomorrow #1 comes to us from writer Peter Milligan, artist Jesús Hervás, color artist James Delvin, letterer Sal Cipriano, and cover artist Jesús Hervás with James Delvin.
Final Score: 7.5/10

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