Thought Bubble Announce Their Second Wave Of Guests For This Year’s Comic-Con

by Olly MacNamee

Thought Bubble have just announced its next wave of comic book guest booked in for this year’s festival held in Harrogate in the Fall.
Running from 9th – 15th November in this picturesque and affluent spa town of Yorkshire, the Thought Bubble Comic-Con will be held over the final weekend, Saturday 14th  – Sunday 15th November at the Harrogate Conference Centre once again.
It’s a beautiful, breath-taking part of the world with a great local community too. I would highly recommend popping over to Cold Bath Brewery if you do go. A very friendly family affair, a welcoming owner and just across the road from the con. What more can you want?
Here’s the full list of creators announced in the second wave of guest:

Alice Oseman, Cecil Castellucci, Charlie Adlard, Jock, James Tynion IV, Ben Oliver, Christian Ward, Andy Belanger, Sean Phillips, Zainab Akhtar, Duncan Fegredo, Abz-J-Harding, Sarah Graley.

I imagine there will be keen interest on the inclusion of James Tynion IV on this new list, who’s currently riding high on a his acclaimed run on Batman. Add him to the previously announced big names like Joe Hill, G Willow Wilson and Rafael Albuquerque, amongst others, and this year’s festival is already looking like one of this years; hot-tickets, once again. Although I have heard hotels have cottoned on this year and prices are rising. 

Get those copies of Batman #89 ready for travelling now, Bat-fans. 


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