Preview: Zatanna And Constantine Enter The Heart Of The Rot In ‘Justice League Dark’ #21

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Yanick Paquette

While the previews we will be posting over the next coming days will be for comics coming out next Wednesday 25th March, we can’t promise they’ll get to shops. Or, whether those shops will be open. Yes, they’ll be available to buy digitally, but that doesn’t help out physical retailers now does it?
Looking forward, and with false optimism maybe, we have a preview of next week’s Justice League Dark #21 which is Ram V’s first fully scripted issue from a story by himself and James Tynion IV. With art by Alvaro Martínez Bueno, inks by Raul Fernandez, colors by June Chung and letters from Rob Leigh.

Rot ‘n’ roll! Wonder Woman, Detective Chimp, and special guest star Animal Man fend off a horde of monstrous Rot-infected creatures-but risk contamination with every soul they save! Meanwhile, Zatanna and Constantine discover the secret of the Parliaments in an estranged ally’s dreams, but there they find no lullabies-only nightmares!

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