The Stranger’s Family: ‘Eve Stranger #5’ Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Eve wakes up in the back of a van with Jimmy Mac, a mysterious man, and her wrists tied. She remembers that she was attacked by Jimmy and punches him. We then learn that Jimmy was one of five children that were intended to be recreations of Eve herself, but each only had one of Eve’s enhanced abilities. In the present, Eve is brought to a safehouse with Jimmy, Sebastian Madden, and Samantha the gorilla. Jimmy and Sebastian worked together to create a version of Eve’s serum that didn’t wipe her memory and they are now free to fight against Delilah and the E.V.E Project. However, Madden discovers some intel that suggests Eve’s mom is still alive and the four of them set out to save her. Delilah and the E.V.E. Project discover this too and they send out people of their own to take Eve’s mom.
In the backup story, intrepid reporter Eve Stranger meets a talking cat.

Eve Stranger #5 cover by Philip Bond
Eve Stranger #5 cover by Philip Bond

Eve Stranger #5 concludes the first volume of the series. Eve has her life and memories back and she wants to get payback on the people who did all of this to her. 
It’s a thoroughly endearing finale too. We see the friends and support system that has built up around Eve and see these misfits come together to save Eve’s mom. 
We also see what stands against Eve and we get more insight into the kind of person Delilah is. While she is evil, she is a complex person who genuinely seems to care for Eve on some level.
The backup story is as cute and funny as always. It’s more surreal than usual, but that actually works to its favor.
Eve Stranger #5 art by Philip Bond, Liz Prince, Eva de la Cruz, and letterer Jane Heir
Eve Stranger #5 art by Philip Bond, Liz Prince, Eva de la Cruz, and letterer Jane Heir

Philip Bond puts in a great treatment for this issue. His style is unique and shows a mixture of cartoonishness and detailed realism that suits the weirdness that is Eve Stranger. Liz Prince gives the backup tale a cute design and Eva de la Cruz gives the book a vibrant and off-the-wall palette that looks great throughout both stories.
Eve Strange #5 gives the first story of Eve a strong finish. We get to see her fight back against the people who have controlled her with the help of a weird and wild group of friends. It’s an excellent and heart-warming read and it earns a recommendation. Check it out.
Eve Stranger #5 comes to us from writer David Barnett, artists Philip Bond and Liz Prince, color artist Eva de la Cruz, letterer Jane Heir, and cover artist Philip Bond. 
Final Score: 8.5/10

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