‘Nests Saga’ And More Come To ‘The King of Fighters Allstar’ In April

by Gary Catig

A new month brings an all new update to The King of Fighters Allstar. The mobile action RPG will see a new set of missions based on the story of The King of Fighters ’99 – ‘The Nests’ Saga’ and the arrival of Ash Crimson, the main hero of The King of Fighters 2003.
In addition, the Official Season of Championship Mode is set to debut. This new mode allows players to compete in real-time PvP competition to determine who truly is “King”. There will be plenty of opportunities to earn even more rewards since you win prizes just by participating.
The other in-game events include:

  • Infinite Battle (PvP): Players can fight off opponents, by organizing attack and defense teams using their rosters.
  • Team Relay (PvE): Players can form up to 5 teams with their fighters and battle with bosses. Players can redeem powerful fighters among various other items.
  • New Characters: Players can now access Lady Big (Mr. Big’s Female Version) as a reward for Shop Mileage, and ’99 Bao, which can be accessed through the Roulette Event.

Then on April 16, a new bonus ‘baseball season’-themed mini dungeon will be available that involves destroying a giant-sized baseball. Also, there will be a special Baseball and Cheerleader costume for Vanessa and Shelmie respectively that can be obtained through the Seasonal Banner. In game prizes can be achieved by completing the Baseball Event Mission and spinning for rewards with the Roulette Event.

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