Art For Art’s Sake # 49: We All Need A Laugh These Days Edition

by Richard Bruton

Time to take a look at a little art – the world might be in a bad place, but hopefully a little comic beauty could be just the thing to cheer you up…
So, a few comedy comics and funny comics for you this week…
It wouldn’t be comedy if it didn’t include a little MAD
Don Martin

Sergio Aragones

Harvey Kurtzman

Peter Kuper

Next, a great kids’ comic from here in the UK, the Phoenix Comic...
Gary Northfield

Jess Bradley

Neill Cameron

Laura Ellen Anderson

And finally for the Phoenix… the wonderful Jamie Smart

One of my favourite funny comics, the fabulous Bojeffries Saga by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse

Master of the funny stuff – Hunt Emerson… Calculus Cat…

You are Maggie Thatcher…

And a few Dennis The Menace…

Which takes us through to The Beano and David Law

And obviously to the great Leo Baxendale

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