‘Dune: House Atreides’ Comes To Comics Thanks To BOOM! Studios

by James Ferguson

Frank Herbert’s Dune is a seminal sci-fi novel about to get another big screen adaptation. It spawned a number of sequels. The series continued after the author’s death in prequels from his son Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. The first of those additional stories, Dune: House Atreides, is getting a comic book adaptation this Fall from BOOM! Studios. The twelve-issue limited series is made in partnership with Herbert Properties LLC and in full coordination with Abrams ComicArts, who are publishing the first of three graphic novel adaptations of the original Dune novel.

Co-writer Brian Herbert says:

Dune: House Atreides holds a special place in my heart. It was the first novel Kevin and I wrote in my father’s fantastic Dune universe, and it is our first collaborative novel to be adapted for comics. In 1999, our novel was a surprise New York Times bestseller, and we have equally high expectations for this special BOOM! Studios adaptation.

Dune: House Atreides is adapted by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. No artist has been announced at this time. The book is set in the years leading up to the events of Dune, taking us to the desert planet of Arrakis where Pardot Kynes seeks its secrets. A violent coup is planned by Emperor Elrood’s son, an 8-year-old Duncan Idaho tries to escape from his cruel masters, and a young man named Leto Atreides begins a fateful journey. These three souls will come together as renegades and discover their fates will change the very shape of history.
Co-writer Kevin J Anderson added:

It’s been more than twenty years since Brian and I published House Atreides, the first of our new novels set in Frank Herbert’s Dune universe. We loved exploring all the possibilities Frank created for us, and those books introduced a whole new audience to Dune. Now, in adapting House Atreides into a vibrant graphic format, it’s like rediscovering the story and the world all over again. So much of the novel is visually driven, the union of comics and House Atreides is a natural.

I read and loved the original Dune series, but I have to admit, I never got around to checking out the prequels. This sounds like a great way to sample them before digging into the novels.
Ross Richie, CEO & Founder, BOOM! Studios says:

There are few novels in modern history with bigger impact and continued relevance than Dune, so it’s an honor for BOOM! Studios – and for me – to be a part of sharing this unforgettable world with readers. Dune: House Atreides is not only an exciting reward for long-time fans who get to experience Brian and Kevin returning to their unforgettable novel, but it’s also a perfect place for new readers to discover where the spice must flow – and why fans like me know Dune is unlike anything else you’ve ever read.

No specific release date has been announced yet for Dune: House Atreides, but it is expected in Fall 2020.

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