Scout Comics And Sheldon Allen Donate Crucified Proceeds To NAACP

by James Ferguson

Crucified, a series from creator Sheldon Allen debuted last year from Scout Comics. In the wake of recent events, the publisher has announced that for the rest of June, profits from individual issues and trade paperback editions of Crucified will be donated to the NAACP.

Sheldon Allen says:

I wrote Crucified ten years ago as a response to racial injustice and inequality. And ten years later, nothing has changed. While the jaded realist residing in me doesn’t see much improving in another ten years, the scorned idealist buried even deeper in my soul screams otherwise.  And so, I commend Scout Comics for stepping up and putting their money where their mouth is. It’s one thing to give lip service saying you’re committed to change; it’s another to actually partake in the change you claim you wish to see.  History is watching.

Crucified follows Lucas Blank, the world’s deadliest contract killer as he focuses on his next target: A man believed to be the modern day Jesus Christ. His employer wants the job done by any means necessary, despite the crisis of conscience Lucas has when he actually meets this Messiah.

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