Super Sunday (Part 2): Harley Tries To Say Goodbye To Tinsel Town In ‘Harley Quinn’ #73

by Olly MacNamee

Harley;s adventures in Tinsel Town won’t ket up as she tries to leave only to be drawn back by her new wrestling ‘family’. If she could leave, then Harley would (geddit?). Written by Sam Humphries with art by Sami Basri and a regular cover by Guillem March and variant cover by Frank Cho. So, whichever one you get to pick up will be awesome.

Los Angeles turns on everyone eventually, and now it’s turned on Harley Quinn! As she discovers more about the death of her friend, she decides it’s time to leave town – but the wrestling league she almost considered a family won’t let her go! She’s hit on a big conspiracy-and it just might kill her!

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