‘That Texas Blood’ #1 From Image Comics Gets A Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

That Texas Blood #1 by Jacob Phillips and writer Chris Condon is the second Image comic to get a second printing after selling out. Out Wednesday, July 22, here’s a reminder of what this new series – described as Southern Bastards and True Grit meets Breaking Bad – is all about:
That Texas Blood kicks off when the search for a casserole dish leads to a dark and tense confrontation on Sheriff Joe Bob Coates’ 70th birthday. 
Coates has always lived in Fort Lehane. He’s always been in Ambrose County. It’s always been in his blood. It’s a Texas thing. But the crimes don’t stop. And they don’t get easier.
For some reason… they keep getting worse. And worse. And… Well. It’s Texas. And Joe Bob is tough. Maybe he’s tough enough to fight it. To last. It’s in his blood, after all. That Texas Blood.”

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