Preview: Can Batman And Superman Save The Day In ‘DCeased: Hope at World’s End’ #4?

by Olly MacNamee

The success that is DCeased and the establishment of a Marvel style zombie-filled parallel universe rolls on in both print and digitally, with DCeased: Hope at World’s End #4 being another all-original DC Digital First offering which would suggest, along with the new Harley Quinn Black + White + Red, DC Comics are forging a path through the digital landscape and seem to be slowly but steady forming a plan for more digital distribution. Whether this was always on the cards, but speed up thanks to the pandemic still gripping the world, or not, we may never know, but it is a trend worth keeping an eye on.
Written by Tom Taylor art by Marco Failla, and colored by Rex Lokus and out today, June 30th online.

“The world needs a Batman but Damian is struggling with the enormity of the mantle…can the Man of Steel help? And seeking safe haven, Suicide Squad’s Wink and The Aerie reach the fortress of Jotunheim…but is anywhere left on Earth safe from the unliving?!

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