Hadouken! UDON Entertainment Launches Pin-Fighter

by James Ferguson

UDON Entertainment is going big into the pin game, first by creating a special Facebook group for collectors of its enamel pins and now by launching Pin-Fighter, a new way to collect Street Fighter character pins. Every fan favorite character will be featured, from Adon to Zangief. UDON will pit two fighters against each other in a battle to see who gets KO-ed first (meaning sold out) before a new challenger comes in to take the place for the next round.

The first line up of pins will consist of all 36 playable characters from Street Fighter Alpha 3 featuring new artwork from Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz based on actual sprites from the game. Each one will be limited in production to between 100 and 375 units. Once they’re sold out, that fighter is done.

The fans decide who will go up next. Voting for Round 1 is open now. The top two voted pins will go on sale on July 14th, 2020.

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