‘Knights Chronicle’ Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary

by Gary Catig

The anime inspired mobile role-playing game, Knights Chronicles, is celebrating its three-year anniversary. As a special gift for all its users, they have a wide variety of new content for them to enjoy.

The all-new hero, Rowan, is now available to collect. In addition, both Rowan along with the Pierna Hero can be awakened as part of the latest update. If you need help leveling up this new addition, Gold Tickets and Crystals can be earned for free by finishing the limited-time 3rd Anniversary Thank You dungeon. Players lucky enough to receive a 3rd Anniversary Treasure Box can exchange it for items such as SSR Summon Tickets, Garnets and more.

Other features during the celebration include:

  • Inventory Expansion and Max Value for Heroes, Runes, and Badges have been added
  • Account Levels is now extended to 400
  • Daily Check-In Event, where players can receive rewards such as Crystal, Gold and Rainbow Essence just by logging into Knights Chronicle.

Knights Chronicle is available now in 140 countries.

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