Something For The Thanksgiving Weekend: Comic Book, Film And Gaming News & Reviews From The Past Week

by Olly MacNamee

A special Thanksgiving Weekend edition this week, offering you all a respite from any further festivities you may be enjoying this Saturday and Sunday, Take the time to kick back and catch up with a selection of some of our more popular posts from the past week. Plus, as it’s the season for giving, we give you a few additional shout-outs too!

So, what did catch your collective eye this past week?

  1. The news that Anthrax are to release a new graphic novel anthology through Z2 Comics as part of their 40th anniversary broke early this week. And you can read more about that graphic novel, Among the Living here, as reported by James Ferguson.
  2. Dark Horse announced Hellboy Universe: The Secret Histories this week as reported by Brendan M Allen here. A new collection of Hellboy spin-offs and specials.
  3. 2000AD announced that it was bringing back old-school board game Block Mania, out now. Find out more, and where to buy it here. But do hurry as it is a limited edition release.
  4. We brought you a good deal of reviews for a good deal of new comic book titles with Brendan M Allen giving us a review for Sea of Sorrows #1 from IDW here. And although not a comic, he also took a look at Callosum Studios’ The Goalie pandemic mask here.
  5. Brendan also reviewed Stranger Things: Science Camp #3 from Dark Horse here.
  6. While I brought you an advance review for The Kaiju Score #1 here, from AfterShock Comics.
  7. I also brought back another edition of ‘Arthurian Annotations’ with the latest issue of Once and Future featuring yet another classic character from the Arthurian legend. You can read all about the inspiration behind the latest story-arc here.
  8. We are also a site that covers a great deal of movie news and reviews too. And, this week Koom Kankesan looked back at two silver screen kitchen sink drama classics Blue Collar and Bread & Roseswith of which deal with the issue of blue collar workers rights and unionisation. Read all about the double-bill review here.
  9. Meanwhile, Rachel Bellwoar gave us an advance review of the new film, Happiest Season, here. Streaming now on Hulu.
  10. Lastly, in a double-whammy, we present two regular visitors to this here column with last week’s Something for the Weekend and New to You Comics both making this week’s list.

And, as it’s been a rather busy week we’d also like to give honourable mentions to the following too:

  1. Popular proves from the past week included a look at IDW and Rob Lieifeld’s Snake Eyes: Deadgame #3, Justice League Dark #28, Red Hood and the Outlaws #51 and Batman Beyond #49.
  2. Also worth including is Brendan M Allen’s look at a new range of silicone rings from Marvel. Something for the geek in your life this Holiday Season maybe? Or maybe just for yourself?
  3. Finally, we bring you the trailer for new anime Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria Of A Starless Night, out in 2021.

That’s your lot for another week and another weekend. See you all throughout the week right here on

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