UDON Entertainment Reveals Comic-Con@Home Exclusives

by James Ferguson

San Diego Comic Con would have been this week, but since we’re all at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the convention is coming to us. That includes panels as well as sweet exclusive merchandise. UDON Entertainment has revealed the products it will have available beginning on Wednesday, July 22nd as part of Comic-Con@Home. Check them out below.

First up we have six exclusive variant colors of Street Fighter character pins as part of UDON’s Pin-Fighter series. This includes Chun Li, Cammy, Rose, Blanka, Dhalsim, and Akuma. The pins measure between 1.5” tall and 3.5” tall and are made of cloisonne hard enamel. You can pick up these pins individually or snag the whole set. They will only be available during this week at UDONPins.com.

Similarly, UDON is expanding its Mega Man Robot Masters pin series with a convention exclusive Dr. Wily. The 2” hard enamel pin features multiple screen printing for enhanced details. Wily will be joined by other Robot Masters making their debut this week, Elec Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, and a personal favorite, Proto Man. All of them will be available on UDONPins.com.

Finally, we’ve got some a jumbo 2 inch collector’s pin of the Monster Hunter World emblem, now in fire red. This features gold color plated finishing with glowing clear red color. There are also antique black and gold and crystal green and silver variants available now at…you guessed it, UDONPins.com.

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