Why We Need A Sequel to ‘Priest’

by Tito W. James

Priest was a 2011 film about a Warrior Priest trying to save his daughter from a hive of bestial vampires. Much like Vampire Hunter D, it combined martial arts, westerns, and the post-apocalypse genre to create a truly unique vampire world.

The film came out at a time when the media landscape was already saturated with many mediocre vampire stories and got lost in the sauce. The film has gained a new life on Netflix; making it into the Top Ten most viewed films and maintaining its popularity. It’s the sort of serious vampire movie that would appeal to fans of Netflix’s Castlevania.

It’s also worth noting that the opening animated sequence is directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, whose visionary work is finally getting the widespread attention it always deserved.

There are plenty of cult movies like the Scorpion King and Pitch Black that get sequels long after their initial release. Therefore, I think Priest deserves another shot at reaching a wider audience.

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