Super Sunday (Part 3): ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

The Dark Multiverse comes to Batman with Dark Nights: Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights’ #1 one-shot this Tuesday 4th August, in this twisted take on the Bat-Family from Marguerite Bennett, Garth Ennis, Daniel Warren Johnson, Scott Snyder, Frank Tieri, Tony Salvador Daniel, Francesco Francavilla, Jamal IgleDaniel Warren Johnson, Joelle Jones and more. In this preview we get a recap of exactly how the Batman of a era flung Earth became the nut-job he is today, and the most dangerous threat in the Multiverse.
“The DC Universe has become engulfed by the Dark Multiverse, where demons dwell and reality is overrun by monstrous versions of the Dark Knight, all ruled by the Batman Who Laughs. In this collection of short tales, learn the terrifying secrets of these new Bats out of hell and other creatures of the night like Robin King, whose origin is just the worst! Plus, read about the secret buried beneath Castle Bat, the sentient Batmobile, and…how did Batman turn into a dinosaur?”

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