Super Sunday (Part 4): ‘Young Justice’ #17 And The Challenges Of Maturity

by Olly MacNamee

Okay, okay, Young Justice has very little to do with Batman other than the inclusion of Tim Drake, who isn’t even going by the moniker of Robin anymore! But, it’s a connection nonetheless and one of my favorite team books being out out by DC Comics at the moment. Besides, this issue does take a look at Tim and hs relationship with both Superboy and Bart Allen. Young Justice #17 Out Tuesday 4th August from Brian Michael Bendis, Scott Godlewski and Gabe Eltaeb.
“This very special issue focuses directly on the friendship at the heart of Young Justice: Conner, Tim, and Bart-a.k.a. Superboy, Drake, and Impulse. As younger men, these three iconic heroes built Young Justice on their friendship. Now their dream has grown and changed as much as they have. And with the demands of adulthood pulling them in different directions, they realize that nights like this one may never happen again.”

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