DC FanDome: ‘The Flash’ Vows To Get Everybody Back

by Erik Amaya

As Danielle Panabaker put it, Kayla Compton is part of The Flash family.
Compton, who played Allegra in several episodes of the program’s sixth season, will be a season regular when the show comes back in 2021. And during the DC FanDome panel dedicated to The CW superhero show on Saturday, Compton admitted to feeling a bit like Allegra in terms of looking for a place to belong. She said she felt more at home once Danielle Nicolet invited her to take a photo. Soon, it felt natural to be part of Team Citizen.
Unfortunately, both Compton and Panabaker could offer no details about what awaits their characters in the program’s seventh season. Nicolet, however, teased she may finally get the chance to break bad after being a solid source of positivity for most of her time on the show. This was confirmed during a sizzle reel utilizing material shot during Season 6. In her key scene, Nicolet’s Cecile Horton is seemingly possessed by another empath.
“When we shut down, we were on the last day of filming the twentieth episode [of Season 6],” executive producer and showrunner Eric Wallace explained. “It will be, in part, the first episode of season seven.” He suggested fans should pay attention to the way that material in the trailer is presented once its released to the public. “It’s huge spoilers everywhere,” he teased.
Besides Cecile’s bad girl moment, the footage also revealed a desperate Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) reaching out to Chester (Brandon McKnight) to help him build a new Speed Force; Iris (Candace Patton) trying to preserve her sanity behind the mirrors; and a freed Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor) going through with her plans. Despite all the coming difficulties, Barry vows to get everyone back. He’ll have to as Godspeed already threatens to become the real major threat of the year. According to Wallace, he’s joining the show to appeal to readers of the current Flash comics, who are more familiar with him than the Bronze Age villains who typically appear on the show.
And though not addressed in the sizzle reel, Carlos Valdes suggested Cisco’s decision to lose his vibe powers may be reversed.
The Flash returns to The CW in 2021.

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