Review: ‘The Green Lantern Season Two’ #7 Continues Hal’s Existential Odyssey Amongst The Stars

by Olly MacNamee

While not directly referencing Hal Jordan’s time as The Spectre, casting Hal in the role of the Death Lantern and shrouding him in a very Spectre-looking green cloak, I doubt anyone reading this book and who is a hardcore Green Lantern fan won’t get the link. After all, it seems that since the publication of All-Star Superman, Grant Morrison has been obsessed – in a good way – with producing the definitive history for any DC Comics’ characters he has written since. That is to say, he takes in the total publishing history of a character and condenses it down into one mad, often surreal form that seeks to make sense of all the convoluted and confusing comics and offer up a comprehensive and concise single timeline that seems to make sense of it all. He did it with Batman and now he’s doing it with Green Lantern, to much critical acclaim. Mixing in the various eras of this Silver Age hero has been an odyssey through time and space, and other dimensions too, as this series hurtles towards the Ultrawars and the conclusion to this second season. It’s been immense to watch and to try and take in over the course of the past few years, but it’s always a book at the top of my reading list whenever a new issue comes out. I’ll miss it the it’s gone.

I don’t think anyone else but Liam Sharp could have been Morrison’s artistic partner in such a grand scale project as this one. He has shown time and again an adaptability that seeks to honourably homage each and every era and every artistic influence that has ever been applied to Hal Jordan and in this issue we get a mixing of styles that only adds to the rather surreal and academic-like language spouted by the new Young Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s a rather dense issue to plough through narratively, but then Morrison rarely treats his readers with kid gloves. There is most definitely no talking down to his fans here.

As for reports of Jordan’s death? Well, let’s just say they have been greatly exaggerated but I doubt anyone reading this for even one moment would have considered this death as anything but temporary. And maybe even this is passing comment on yet another common comic book trope and Jordan’s own dalliances with death in the past.
The Green Lantern Season Two #7 is another tour de force from two the most formidable forces in comics who collectively are weaving the stories of their careers into a 24 issue epic that will, undoubtably, join the greatest stories comics have ever told. Even if recent issues have been a rather existential reading experience that will most definitely go over many reader’s heads.

But, underneath the layers of philosophy, dense linguistics and existentialism there is the familiar Green Lantern story upon which his legend is built: Matter versus Anti-Matter, Oa versus Qward. Now that, I can understand. Let the battling begin! 
The Green Lantern Season Two #7 is out now from DC Comics
Rating: 9/10

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