Deathloop Introduces ‘Two Birds One Stone’ Trailer

by Sage Ashford

In the Playstation Showcase, developer Arkane showed off a new story trailer explaining part of the world of Deathloop, in a trailer called “Two Birds One Stone”.   This trailer explains how the island works and how players can alter the patterns of their targets.  The PlayStation blog talks more about this below:
Welcome to Blackreef

“It’s not enough to know where or when your target will be vulnerable to an attack. First, you need to get to know the island. Blackreef’s history is written on its face. From a remote fishing village to a military research center to the home base for its current eccentric, 60s-pop-art-obsessed citizens, the architecture of the island tells a story. And it’s a story you should be paying attention to because uncovering the island’s secrets will get you closer to breaking the loop.

The island itself is broken up into four open districts, similar to what you might remember from Dishonored, though the districts aren’t tied to levels. You can explore any district in any order as you work to solve the puzzle of the island. Time of day will play a role in changing the look and layout of the different districts. While mornings might see clear streets filled with people preparing to throw a massive party, nights will see those same streets covered with snow from an afternoon flurry and the remnants of a spectacular rager. Snowbanks might cover paths you would have been able to take earlier in the day, while also providing lifts to new, previously unreachable locations. Events that took place throughout the day (whether you were there to witness them or not) will also have their own effects on the districts, and the decisions you make in one area of the island can impact others. All this will need to be factored in as you hunt down your targets.”

Deathloop launches for Playstation 5 as well as PC sometime in 2021.

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