Ferg & Sons Review: Pizza, Skateboarding & More Pizza With ‘Wrapped Up: Volume 1’

by James Ferguson

With two school-aged kids at home, I’m constantly on the lookout for appropriate reading material, especially comics. My children, Oliver (7) and Parker (5) have a love for super heroes, monsters, and all kinds of adventure, so Wrapped Up was definitely something I wanted to share with them. The comic follows Milo, a 12-year-old mummy dealing with average pre-teen problems like pizza, snacks, and more pizza. His best friend, an old wizard pulls him into a variety of wacky adventures.

Wrapped Up is fun from beginning to end. Writer Dave Scheidt packs this book with great gags and super bizarre situations that always lead to laughs. The sheer lunacy of Milo’s life is hilarious. This ranges from the normal, like dealing with an uptight babysitter to the insane like fighting a sentient frozen pizza.
The jokes land for all ages. I was laughing just as much as Oliver and Parker while reading this book. Case in point, here’s what Parker had to say about Wrapped Up: Volume 1:

I loved it when the gorilla kissed the kid. He loves pizza and his sister loves pizza. I loved it when she ate the whole pizza.

Scoot McMahon’s artwork captures this look and feel perfectly. Wrapped Up is a very welcoming comic. It draws you in like a great Saturday morning cartoon. You have to learn more about these characters and they’re crazy lives. The absurd aspects of it really shine, feeling absolutely natural in this space.
This warm environment is aided by Sean Dove’s colors, casting a bright and vibrant palette on every page. Even though we’re dealing with the undead, the characters are full of life.

Oliver says:

Wrapped Up is about a mummy kid and his family. They have weird lives. One time a cow pooped on the floor & a wizard puked in a book. I rate it 8/10.

Wrapped Up is the kind of fun, all-ages book that everyone can get behind. It pulls on normal wants and needs that we’ve all had, like pizza, skateboarding, and sentient baby dolls, all pulled together around a fun, monstrous family and their insane neighbor.
Wrapped Up: Volume 1 from Lion Forge Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and Amazon and digitally through ComiXology.

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