Review: Bringing It Back Around In ‘Wicked Things’ #5

by James Ferguson


Lottie embarks on another mystery, but is she losing sight of finding her own innocence?


After helping the cops solve one mystery, Lottie has been brought in to aid in another. This young, amateur detective is walking circles around the professionals, seeing connections that they’re not…mostly because they’re absolutely insane. What does this mean for her actual court case though? Remember, she’s being accused of attempted murder.

While the twists and turns of Wicked Things have been a total delight, I do have to wonder how writer John Allison will pull everything together with only one more chapter. Of course, all these side quests could somehow contribute to the overall mystery, tying up every plot thread in a nice little bow. I have the utmost faith in Allison as his stories always deliver.
Although Lottie’s ideas can seem a little crazy, you can’t help but get wrapped up in them. Of course that map looks like a badger’s face. That has to be a connection. Why didn’t I see that before? This is part of the charm that Allison brings out in all of his characters and it’s only amplified by Max Sarin’s artwork.

Each character is bursting with personality. The artwork borders on cartoonish at times, but that only adds to the emotions of every single panel. A glance may have an exaggeration with large eyes or a distorted face to play up the humor in a scene.
Letterer Jim Campbell adds some context to some of the dialogue, shifting some to lower case instead of all caps. This adds tone to some of the speech and adds to the characters’ voices.

We get a retelling of events from someone else’s perspective in Wicked Things #5 and Sarin adjusts the style accordingly. Colorist Whitney Cogar matches, shifting the warm palette to a more frightening shade. It’s amazing what some red highlights can do for a scene, raising the tension considerably and at a moment’s notice.
We’re starting to get back to the heart of Wicked Things and proving Lottie’s innocence, although I wonder if it’s too late to do so. That doesn’t take away from this incredibly fun comic packed with dynamic artwork. This book is so much fun.
Wicked Things #5 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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