X Of Swords- Demon Versus Kaiju In ‘X-Force’ #14

by Tony Thornley

X of Swords is still in the midst of the fetch quests to obtain the swords needed for the X-Men to battle the forces of Arakko. However, we’re continuing to learn more of the main bouts that will come in round two of the massive crossover.

Cover by Dustin Weaver & Edgar Delgado

The moment X-Men fandom met Pogg Ur-Pogg, the massive four-armed demonic crocodile, they fell in love. The kaiju champion of Amenth stood out among what were a group of already very distinctive adversaries. The question every fan asked though- which X-Man would face Pogg in combat?

Well, we have an answer, thanks to Marvel. In X-Force #14, Pogg Ur-Pogg is going to face none other than Magik, the demonic former queen of Limbo and one of the military captains of Krakoa. Illyana Rasputin is one of the most formidable fighters in X-Men canon, and is one of the few champions who is actually a trained swordsman. Interestingly enough, both are these combatants are walking into the tournament “unarmed” because Illyana’s soul sword is made from, well, her soul, and Pogg has been revealed to be his own sword.

Now that we know the match-up fans will be on the edge of their seats until X-Force #14 hits on November 18, 2020 by Benjamin Percy, Gerry Duggan & Joshua Cassara!

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