‘Rat Queens’ #22 Sells Out And Gets A Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

Rat Queens #22 is the latest Image comic to sell out and get a second printing. Written by Ryan Ferrier and new series artists Moritat (Gunning for Hits) and Casey Silver, issue #22 saw the debut of the new art team as well as an all new story-arc. A creative team that seems to have hit pay dirt with this sell out success. But, as ever, it is at distribution level, so you may still find the odd copy out in the world still.
“No gods. No rules. All problems. In Rat Queens #22, business is booming for our heroes-for-hire, but the dissolution of an ancient treaty has put Palisade in the crosshairs of a monster squad with an appetite for long nights, party fights, and wolf bites!” 
Rat Queens #22 is out Wednesday, November 18th wit preview of the issue below:

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