‘A Disturbance In The Force’ Promises Close Look At ‘The Star Wars Holiday Special’

by Erik Amaya

Every Star Wars fan has heard about The Star Wars Holiday Special. The 1978 holiday themed variety show aired just once on CBS before becoming the stuff of legend. We reviewed it for Your Weekend Cheesy Movie a few years back and it is as awful as you’ve heard.

But two filmmakers, Jeremy Coon and Steve Kozak, have set out to learn more about the special. And if this trailer for their documentary, A Disturbance in the Force, is to be believed, it will be the most exhaustive exploration of how The Star Wars Holiday Special came to be.

A Disturbance in the Force Trailer from Jeremy Coon on Vimeo.

The documentary will feature as many of the surviving crew members as possible. As Coon and Kozak recently told i09, many of those involved in the special were proud to talk about their work and their love of the variety show as a genre — a part of television history all but relegated to textbooks at this point. The film will also feature archival audio from Peter Mayhew and others involved with the production who are, sadly, no longer with us.

The pair hope to frame the Holiday Special in the context of 1970s variety TV entertainment and, through that prism, reveal why making a Star Wars variety show seemed like a safe bet at the time. It is a worthy aspiration as the special is a strange curio without that context.

Though still in production, the makers of A Disturbance in the Force plan for a Life Day 2021 release.

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