‘Stargirl’ Reportedly Adds Alkoya Brunson As Jakeem Thunder

by Erik Amaya

The face of Jakeem Thunder has reportedly been chosen.

According to Decider, actor Alkoya Brunson will play the character in the second season of Stargirl. Created by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, and Paul Ryan, Jakeem was the second human to align with the Thunderbolt in the DC Comics canon. Well, at least in the long term, anyway. First debuting in a Flash storyline, Jakeem and the Thunderbolt transferred over to JSA, where they joined a team featuring Stargirl and Hourman Rick Tyler.

Since Courtney (Brec Bassinger) stole the purple pen from the old JSA headquarters in Stargirl‘s first season, it was only a matter of time before Jakeem debuted. He is even mentioned in passing as one of the friends Courtney’s step-brother, Mike (Trae Romano), made within his first few days at school. Presumably, Brunson’s Jakeem will meet the Thunderbolt in short order and join the nascent JSA featured on the series. The Thunderbolt will be voiced by comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan and appear as something of a awkward genie granting wishes with many unintended consequences.

Stargirl returns to The CW in 2021.

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