Spider-Man Burns At The Man-Thing’s Touch In April

by Tony Thornley

Steve Orlando’s star continues to quickly rise, and this April his Curse of the Man-Thing mini-series draws in Marvel’s biggest character- the Amazing Spider-Man!

Cover by Daniel Acuna

Orlando’s Marvel debut was announced early last year with a Darkhold-centered mini-series that’s still MIA. However, this celebration of fifty years of the cult-favorite muck monster the Man-Thing is just as exciting. Even better it puts both Orlando and the swampy creature once known as Ted Sallis on a collision course with Marvel’s biggest characters. In this second chapter (after March’s Avengers-centric story), he’ll get to use his trademark wit on not just Peter Parker but also Miles Morales, alongside eurocomics star Alberto Foche in his Marvel debut.

In April’s Spider-Man: Curse of the Man-Thing, the Man-Thing’s abilities have been stolen by the new villain Harrower. Even worse, she’s determined to use them to wipe mankind from the Earth and is using fear to spread her evil plot even faster! It’s a race against time as Peter Parker and Miles Morales both try to find one thing they think could help- Ted Sallis’s old protege Curt Conners, AKA the Lizard…

Though readers might think a Spider-Man and Man-Thing team up is a little bit out there, the link through the Lizard is a surprisingly natural one. In fact, many readers forget that Spidey’s first battle with the Lizard actually took place in the swamps of Florida, not the streets (or sewers) of New York!

Cover by Nick Bradshaw

Spider-Man: Curse of the Man-Thing picks up the second, explosive chapter of our anniversary celebration as cities across the world fall prey to Man-Thing’s fire, and the best hope for stopping the blaze rests with not just Spider-Man, but one of this oldest foes: the Lizard,” Orlando said. “What a blast to watch Man-Thing take Manhattan, and to see both Peter Parker and Miles Morales step up to the plate to defend their city against fear!”

Watch for Spider-Man: Curse of the Man-Thing this April from Marvel Comics.

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