Fan-Favourite ‘Legion Of Super-Heroes’ Artist Steve Lightle Passes At The Age Of 61

by Olly MacNamee

Sadly, and as reported by his son on Facebook, fan-favourite Legion of Super-Heroes artist Steve Lightle has passed away from a heart-attack.

For Matthew Lightle’s Facebook page:

“This is Matthew Lightle, Steve Lightle’s son. This morning my father passed away from Cardiac Arrest. I wished to thank you all for your friendship to my father, and also to ask that if you are a patreon follower, please cancel your account as we are just beginning to take care of his affairs.”


Following on from the very successful run on Legion by artist Keith Giffen, Steve took up the book for two years when it was one of several titles that moved over to a direct-only title in 1984. He carried on providing covers until 1988. During this time he also took on The Doom Patrol (1987) with writer Paul Kupperberg, but for an ever short run if just 5 issues.

Sadly, he seemed to retreat from regular comic book work after that. Although he did set up his own publishing company, Lunatik Press, in 2001.

Our thoughts go out to his surviving family, his wife, Marianne, and their children and he will be sorely missed by a particular generation of comic book fans, like me.

RIP Steve Lightle (November 19, 1959 – 8th January 2021)

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