Super Sunday (Part 1): King In Black Special – Previewing ‘The Union’ #2

by Olly MacNamee

This Sunday we will be featuring the various King in Black tie-in titles coming out next Wednesday 16th January 2021 from Marvel. We’ll start with The Union #2, even if the synopsis accompanying the preview has clearly not been checked and corrected, as it still mentions it being an Empyre tie-in and not the King in Black tie-in it has now been reappropriated as. So, switch out the Cotati for some Symbiotes and it’s all fixed.

Marvel Preview: The Union #2

Written by Paul Grist
Art by Andrea Di Vito and Le Beau Underwood (inks)
Colour art by Nolan Woodward
Lettering by Travis Lanham

“The Union must battle for their lives (and each other) as the Empyre Invasion crescendos! Thrust unto the global stage, will they be able to prove themselves as a team or will they crumble as the world watches? Plus, a devastating blow to the fledgling team rocks them to their very core!”*

The Union #2 is out Wednesday 13th January from Marvel

Marvel Preview: The Union #2Marvel Preview: The Union #2Marvel Preview: The Union #2Marvel Preview: The Union #2

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