Erik Larsen Finally Wraps Up The Saga Of ‘Ant’ Fourteen Years Later

by Olly MacNamee

Fourteen years after its previous issue was published, Image Comics partner and CFO Erik Larsen finally returns to Ant to wrap up the story and the promise of more Ant adventures to come.

Whatever the reason behind its missing in action status for all these years (reasons cited by Image Comics include lost files as well as “unfortunate circumstances”) Ant #12 is out this June from Image Comics.

Somewhere along the line, Erik Larsen bought Ant from Mario Gully, the creator, and soon had her appearing in other Image Comics’ series like Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

But having finally got round to completing Ant’s story, Larsen found he wasn’t done with her yet:

“I found there was a lot I wanted to say and a lot that I wanted to do. I started digging in on an origin story and it just kept expanding and expanding. Pretty soon I had all kinds of plots dancing around in my head and numerous directions the book could go. Work has begun on a new ongoing Ant book. But first—the concluding chapter of the old one—at long last.”  

Ant #12 both wraps up the story already begun by Gully and serves as a completely self-contained introduction to Ant by Erik Larsen and will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 9th.

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