Aftershock Announces ‘Bunny Mask’ #1, A New Horror Series From Paul Tobin And Andrea Mutti

by Olly MacNamee

I do like to received AfterShock announcements. They do all the heavy lifting for you by providing what amounts to a great mini interview with creators that often reveal more about the person behind the comic book. That, and a preview of each new book too. So, let’s see what the newest title to join AfterShock’s line-up, Bunny Mask #1, by Paul Tobin, Andrea Mutti and Taylor Eposito is all about shall we? And hear from Tobin about the influences behind this new supernatural horror, reason to buy this new book and the first comic he ever read. See what I mean about offering you that little bit extra?

Writer: Paul Tobin

Artist & Colorist: Andrea Mutti

Letterer: Taylor Esposito

Cover: Andrea Mutti

Incentive Cover: Charlie Adlard

Bunny Mask Mask Variant: Andrea Mutti

“A new horror series from the creator of the Eisner-nominated Colder!

Sealed in a cave before the dawn of man, released by a crazed madman, Bunny Mask walks our world once more. But for what dark purpose does she use her unnatural powers? And what’s her connection to Bee Foster, a young girl murdered by her father fourteen years ago? In order to save his life – and his sanity – one man will have to discover the truth of what waits behind the mask.

Writer Paul Tobin (Colder) and artist Andrea Mutti (MANIAC OF NEW YORK, Hellblazer) unleash an eons old legend upon an unsuspecting world – one that’ll make your most horrific nightmare feel like a walk in the park!”

Paul Tobin on what the book is about and why he’s excited for it to come out:

“Bunny Mask is the story of Tyler Severin, who — due to traumatic incident — uncovers and releases Bunny Mask herself, an ancient, supernatural creature, incredibly powerful and possibly evil, but the thing is…she likes him. It’s almost as if she’s imprinted on Tyler, since he helped her “hatch.” The series is about the ripple effects, or more honestly the tsunami effects, on Tyler’s life and the world.”

Paul Tobin on some of his inspirations behind creating the book:

“Ooo! There’s plenty of inspiration for Bunny Mask in my head! The films of Dario Argento, the old Warren magazines, particularly Vampirella, some of Junji Ito’s work, the strange art of Toshio Saeki, William Mortensen’s photography, and so much more! Anything that treads that line between horror and the somewhat sensual, it’s probably been a spark for this series.” 

Paul Tobin on recalling the first comic he read, and his most favorite comic he’s read to date:

“The first comics I can ever remember reading were a stack of old Marvel and DC comics from the 1960’s. My cousin Denny had helped clean a neighbor’s garage and ran across them, and gave them to me. There were issues of Spider-Man, and Superboy & the Legion, and X-Men, Tales to Astonish, Tales of Suspense, Strange Tales. A lot more. Thanks, Denny! As far as favorite comic ever? Maybe Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese adventure stories, particularly the Africa and Siberia stories. I’m also a huge fan of the works of Richard Sala. I miss that guy.” 

Paul Tobin on (3) reasons why comic readers should pick this book up:

“We’re hitting on that mixture of overt and sublime horror that I love and that I played with in my last foray into horror, the Eisner nominated Colder series. And we’re playing with the aspect of how encountering the unknown, dealing with terrible forces beyond understanding, can change someone. And I like to think that in the character of Bunny Mask herself we’ve created a character that, much in the same manner as Tyler Severin, people will be drawn to her. I think those are all elements that should convince readers to come along with us on this ride!”

Bunny Mask #1 is out Wednesday June 9th from AfterShock Comics.

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