The Weekly 2000 AD Prog 2227: Feral & Foe Meet Skully & Spidery

by Richard Bruton

The Weekly 2000 AD, Comicon’s weekly preview of all the thrill-power the UK’s finest sci-fi comic has to offer…

Cover by Richard Elson

Okay, same as last week here in the Prog, which means more Judge Dredd investigating ‘A Penitent Man’, more folklore horrors in Thistlebone, more body mix-up misadventures in Feral & Foe, another of these great Visions of Deadworld, and the second part of the latest Tharg’s 3Riller: The Chorus & The Ring.

2000 AD Prog 2227 is out Wednesday 14th April.  If you can, get out there and support your local comic shop. If you can’t get out, go mail order and you can STILL support your local comic shop.

JUDGE DREDD: A PENITENT MAN – PART 3 – Ken Niemand, Tom Foster, colours by Chris Blythe, letters by Annie Parkhouse

Dredd’s following up ex-Judge Ashers claim that the SJS run covert ops to ‘discourage’ Titan returnees from settling back into MC-1 life.

So, off he goes to to SJS, where he and Buell settle into a little target practice… where it’s Judges who are the targets – a neat, if dark, twist on things.

It’s another excellent episode, full of the sort of procedural stuff Niemand does so well, as we get to watch Dredd run the case, chase down the leads on one side, whilst things seems to be getting dire for Asher. Niemand’s plot is full of the little moments around the main plot, and reading his Dredd just feels somehow right.

It’s an excellent Dredd, with Fowler’s art so crisp and detailed, so clean, a great-looking line – and the whole huge Lawmaster and SJS building looking like an Iron Maiden cover reject, that was so good. Hopefully, an artist we’ll just see gettign bigger and bigger in the future.

THISTLEBONE: POISONED ROOTS – PART 7 – TC Eglington, Simon Davis, letters by Simon Bowland.

The folklore horror keeps on coming, this week with investigative journo Seema drawn deeper and deeper into the cult of Thistlebone and those strange goings-on in the Harrowvale woods.

She’s gone back to where it all began, with a visti to Avril, the cult survivor that dragged her into all this mess in the first place.

And from the very first page, you get just what it is that makes this the work of Davis’ career. The way he guides the eye, the way he uses figures over the lush bakgrounds to break up the page into panels that aren’t truly panels, the way the background shifts as you move through the page, the lush colours, including the unrealistic, yet perfectly in keeping and designed to put you off balnce, colours of Avril. It’s all just so, so good.

And of course, there’s the eye. Just that reddish mark around Avril’s left eye and an offhand comment about the ‘prothestic’… a perfect callback to the climax of the first series.

And then the way Eglington and Davis drop the background on page two, with Avril’s increasing insistence that she’s fine – well, perhaps she is, perhaps it’s Seema who’s falling too far into the weirdness to get out this time.

So very, very good.

VISIONS OF DEADWORLD: LEIGH – Kek-W, Dave Kendall, letters by Simon Bowland

Another great little vignette from The Fall Of Deadworld, this time taking in a pivotal moment in Judge Ava Eastwood’s life.

Another perfect Deadworld moment, this time from before the fall, as Eastwood goes up against deathly corruption deep in this world’s Justice Department.

Again, Kendall’s perfect for this, the art so full of dirty, nasty detail, all alongside Kek-W’s fine scripting to really give us soemthing that really works well alongside the ongoing Deadworld storylines.

THARG’S 3RILLERS PRESENT CHORUS & THE RING – PART 2 – James Peaty, Mike Collins, colours by Dylan Teague, letters by Annie Parkhouse

The middle-part of this three-part 3riller, and after a slow start last week, we’re right into the action here, as Battle Sister Evangelista’s mission to recover the dead War-Pontiff’s Signet Spiritus after the rebel attack.

But, what do you know, it was never going to be that simple, was it?

Yes, you could see the mid-way twist coming, but sometimes it just doesn’t matter, sometimes you simply go along with something that’s weel plotted, well drawn, and enjoy it for the space opera that it is. And yes, ‘Chorus & The Ring’ is exactly that.

FERAL & FOE II – PART 3 – Dan Abnett, Richard Elson, letters by Jim Campbell

We’re off to see Golgone the Necromancer with Bode the Necromancer (currently in Wraith’s body and crap at fighting) and the warrior Wraith (currently in Bode’s body and really crap at any of that magical stuff), along with trusted friend who’s idiotic plan it was that maybe the necromancer could sort all this out, Krodgun – This really was never going to end well, was it?

First off, getting past the fantasy version of the answering machine, and then something much worse…

This is something to love, a great bit of over the top fantasy comedy, characters that bicker and fight and come out with some great lines, and art that does everything so well.

“Which way now? Home? How about home? Home sounds good to me!”
“No quitting! We’ve come all this way to force the necromancer to help us! We’re not going to give up now and…”
“It’s not so much the ‘Giving Up’ part, it’s the ‘Not Dying’!”

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