X-Men Hellfire Gala- Get Your First Look At The Mutant Action In A New Trailer!

by Tony Thornley

With the first of its kind Hellfire Gala crossover coming in June, we’re starting to get more and more glimpses of the twelve part X-Men event. With a newly revealed trailer, we get our first hints of how the wider Marvel Universe gets pulled in.

Marauders #21 cover by Russell Dauterman

The trailer below shows off a bit of story and some new artwork from what appears to be the Marauders issue of the event. This event promises to set the stage for the X-Men stories to come in the near future. It’s an end to one stage of this era of X-Men and the beginning of another. All twelve issues will take place across one night, with momentous events throughout, such as the debut of the new Krakoan X-Men team.


In fact, several X-Men creators have promised that there will be four ‘red’ issues across the month, the shorthand coming from the House of X / Powers of X mini-series designating something that will be important for the entire line. The last “red” issue was X-Men #7, the stunning issue that revealed the Crucible to the world. Clearly that means something big is happening here.

Check out more news of the Hellfire Gala as we receive it, and meanwhile, check out a gallery below of all twelve main covers from the event from some of Marvel’s best artists!


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