TV Review: ‘Love Death And Robots’ Returns But Lacks Edge

by Tito W. James


‘Love Death and Robots’ Vol 2 delivers some artistically intriguing short films. However, its short episode count and watered down sex and violence made for an underwhelming second season.  


Love Death and Robots (LDR) recently returned to Netflix but with a surprisingly short episode count and lack of transgressive content. The first volume of LDR boasted 18 animated shorts that explored many genres and pushed the envelope with regard to explicit content. Volume 2 only had 8 episodes and didn’t push the envelope any further than an Adult Swim show.

Despite being a shorter season, Volume 2 still managed to have some great episodes.Zima Bluedirector, Robert Valley created another standout piece with ‘Ic’e. Valley’s iconic character designs and distinctive shape-language prove that you don’t need photorealistic CGI to make an impact. Robert Valley really deserves a theatrically released animated feature.

The episode titled, ‘Pop Squad’ delivers Neo-Noir at its best. In a world of overpopulation and excessive lifestyles, one man questions his mission to keep the population under control. Atmospheric and tragic, ‘Pop Squad’s’ human caricatures add to the overall emotional resonance.

Love Death and Robots will return for a third Volume in 2022.

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