‘Black Panther’ #25 Trailer Celebrates Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Five Year Run

by Brendan M. Allen

Yesterday marks the end of an era for one of Marvel’s most acclaimed series: Ta-Nehisi CoatesBlack Panther. Alongside artists Daniel Acuña and Brian Stelfreeze, the author closes out his game-changing run with a special giant-sized finale issue. 

Since taking over the title in 2016, Coates has transformed the Black Panther mythos. Now five years later, he departs, leaving the world of Wakanda and the Marvel Universe forever changed, and laying the groundwork for the next era of one of Marvel’s most celebrated heroes. 

See artwork from Coates’ final issue and revisit some of the best moments of this iconic run in the all-new Black Panther #25 trailer.

“Ta-Nehisi has come up with a truly special finale here, one that not only wraps up the current story of T’Challa’s attempt to stop Emperor N’Jadaka’s conquest of Wakanda, but also deals with elements that reach all the way back to the beginning of Ta-Nehisi’s run. And to that end, we’re so thrilled to have Brian Stelfreeze, the artist who helped launch this run, return to draw this issue’s epilogue,” said editor Wil Moss. “Black Panther #25 is an immensely satisfying conclusion, with twists you won’t see coming and repercussions that will be felt for years to come.”

Black Panther #25 is currently available digitally and at your local comic shop.

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