This Fall, Everything The X-Men Have Built Burns In ‘Inferno’

by Tony Thornley

There’s a joke in X-Men fandom that it’s always Inferno. However, this fall, it’s no joke. The secrets of Krakoa are about to lead to Inferno.

Marvel released the mysterious teaser in the back of X-Men #20 with no other information. In the teaser, we can see Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, and Emma Frost in the text. More notable though, underneath is a close-up of Krakoa’s silent founder and this era’s absent central figure- Moira X.

There are two other notable details on the teaser. The first is a text representation of the Quiet Council in the top left, including X’s in the place of the two vacant seats. In the bottom right, underneath the Krakoan text (also reading Inferno) is the text “The Books Of Destiny.”

The Books of Destiny are a series of diaries written by Irene Adler, aka Destiny, a powerful precognitive. Though Destiny still hasn’t been resurrected on Krakoa, she’s played a major role in this era, and clearly it’s not over yet.

Watch for more information about Inferno as it’s released.

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