The X-Men’s World Is About To Burn In ‘Inferno’

by Tony Thornley

Everything since House of X and Powers of X have been leading to this. This September, everything the X-Men have built burns to the ground in Inferno.

In this four issue mini teased late last month, Head of X Jonathan Hickman is joined by superstar artists Valerio Schiti, RB Silva, and Stefano Caselli. Each issue promises to be x-tra sized and contains revelations and resolutions for plots that Hickman has been building since he took the reins of the mighty mutants in 2019.

“I’m very excited that we’re finally getting to share with everyone the follow-up to House of X/ Powers of X,” Hickman said. “The story is 160 pages over four issues drawn exquisitely by Valerio Schiti, R.B. Silva, and Stefano Caselli. I cannot wait for people to read it.”

Considering the new #1 issues launching just before this mini, with Duggan and Larraz’s X-Men and Williams and Wernick’s Trial of Magneto, it feels like the launch of the next phase in Hickman’s grand design, and we can’t wait to read it.

Check out the teaser from Mark Brooks and check back in later this week when we dive deep into it.

Inferno debuts in September from Marvel Comics.

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