Bank Heists And Home Baking: Extended Preview Of ‘Vampirella’ #21

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Lucio Parrillo (A)

Written by Christopher Priest 

Art by Ergün Gündüz

“Can Vampirella turn her back on her own people?

Having discovered the startling truth about her home world of Drakulon, Vampirella is torn between her mother’s evil dreams of conquest and the vendetta against the Vampiri race by a macabre, enigmatic new threat.

The fate of Lilith and the destiny of Drakulon are about to be revealed!”

Vampirella #21 is out Wednesday 30th June from Dynamite

Cover by Marco Mastrazzo (B)
Cover by Shannon Maer (C)
Cover by Ergün Gündüz (D)
Lorraine Cosplay Variant (E)

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