House Of X: Previewing ‘Children Of The Atom’ #5 And ‘Hellions’ #13

by Olly MacNamee

With the Hellfire Gala well and truly over with repercussions to be felt for while some time across the whole Marvel universe, it’s time to get back to other matters at hand with previews for this week’s X-Men books:

Hellions #13

Written by Zeb Wells
Art by Roge Antonio

DON’T WORRY! MR. SINISTER IS FINE! Eh, not really. And it looks like his clone is returning to Krakoa to claim the cape…and also destroy the Hellions!

Cover by Stephen Segovia

Children of the Atom #5

Written by Vita Ayala
Art by Paco Medina
Colours by David Curiel

COTA’S BEEN CAPTURED! Someone is out for revenge on the X-MEN and you’ll never guess who! The CHILDREN OF THE ATOM, caught in the crossfires of the war on mutants, need a hero. And that hero might just be among them!

Cover by R. B. Silva

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