Webcomic Weekly: ‘Super Antics’ By Kerry Callen

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly, giving you a regular glimpse into great comics online… this week, time to dig into Kerry Callen’s Super Antics!

Artist Kerry Callen‘s been making these for a while now, making those wacky DC Silver Age characters and comics even more weird and wacky. If ever you’ve wanted to see Supes and Bats and the gang get up to hilarious hi-jinks, Super Antics is the comic for you! It’s packed with retro references, even down to the off-white colours of the pages, right through to the classic comic references.

Begun in 2011, #16 in the series went up in April 2021… so not the most frequent of things, a case of quality over quantity certainly, but also Callen’s freelance art gigs keep getting in the way. Super Antics did pop up in Mad Magazine for a while and, in comics, you might have seen his great Halo & Sprocket series from Slave Labor back in 2003, great series, loads of fun, the saga of a girl, an angel and a “socially naïve” robot.

More recently, he’s started another webcomic, Dirtnap, an old-school monsters adventurous romp, that I’ll be covering at some point here as well, but don’t wait… go check it out!

You’ve probably seen a few of these online, as they’re shared and memed a lot, particularly this next one, which Callen describes as something he drew because it made his wife laugh…

The adventures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of those wacky super-types in the JLA and JSA await you in Super Antics. So go and look at them.

So, go check out Super Antics, go take a read of Dirtnap, then go help out the artist either becoming a patron through Patreon or through single donations through Paypal.

Now, a few great Super Antics, starting with the latest one, which is loaded with so many of those classic ’50s and ’60s DC strangeness; Rainbow Batman, Ant-Superman, the 1,000 pound Flash – they’re all here!



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