Ablaze Announces ‘He Who Fights With Monsters’ #1 For September 2021

by Brendan M. Allen

Ablaze takes readers on a harrowing action-adventure set amidst the carnage of World War II with their September 7th release of He Who Fights With Monsters, written by Francesco Artibani, with art by Werther Dell’Edera.

‘On All Hallow’s Eve, a community struggles under the boot of the Nazi war machine when supernatural forces come to play a part in the conflict!

World War II is raging, and the struggle between good and evil is in full force. In Prague, the great Bohemian city is being oppressed by the Nazi occupation and the population lives in terror, while the resistance forces try to organize themselves in the shadows. It is almost an impossible task.

With the ruthless SS tightening their grip on every street and neighborhood with overwhelming might, only one hope feeds the struggle. An improbable hope, which rests on the fragile foundations of an ancient, monstrous legend…’

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